Blake Red Is Rock’s New Queen On The Cradle


Chicago-based Alternative Rock Musician Blake Red is spearheading a huge movement and there is no doubt that the effort will continue to pay off.  There is a dire need for strong female influence in the rock scene and Blake Red seems to be the chosen one to do this.

You see, Blake Red has been gaining speed at a rapid pace in recent months. Her single releases for ‘Follow Me’ and ‘The Cradle’ have earned lots of play by many radio playlists, bloggers and listeners alike. This is something huge that she has done by sticking to what she loves most and never flinching just to fit into a mold for anyone.

As I see often, a lot of artists end up straying far away from their roots and influences which ends up blurring the lines a bit too much, but this just isn’t the case here at all. 

Blake Red is an embodiment of the great underground DIY rock, alternative and punk movements, Blake is candid and giving to her listeners. On August 20, 2021, Blake Red released her new EP entitled “The Cradle” on major platforms. Since then, there has been a lot of movement on all of her social media platforms and Spotify account. As many know, it’s hard to make it via streaming, so the social buzz really matters a ton to artists. 

Here’s what Blake Red had to say about the new EP: “Hot on the tails of her hit, ‘Follow Me, Blake Redcontinues to push the boundaries of her songwriting, powerhouse vocals, and gnarly sound on her latest single, The Cradle. Exploring themes of redemption and resurrection, ‘The Cradle’ is a story of rebirth. In it, Blake emerges a more confident, empowered artist with something important to say. Yet again, she flexes her Berklee College of Music credentials with clever songwriting, power vocals, brilliant guitar, bass and slick arrangements as well as production.”

I got extremely deep into listening to this EP. Every track is solid and it’s hard to pick a favorite because they all hit the same, which is extremely rare in a world full of albums that only have one to two good songs on it from major artists. Blake Red totally changes the game in that she knows exactly how to write a hit. Not only does Blake Red write a hit once on this record, she does it multiple times over and I know that this will hit and get traction as soon as possible once the word continues to spread out at record speeds. 

Breaking down the record piece by piece we start with the song ‘The Cradle’. The opening guitar riff reminds me of Tool and Blake Red herself seems to have some Tool influence mixed with Alice In Chains influence in her vocal work here. The song itself seems to be about reincarnation when I listen to the lyrics. The lyrics are filled with washing yourself clean, going back to the cradle, and going to the otherside. 

The song then hits an awesome Zack Wylde-like solo which really brings this song together. A very solid opener. 

Next up, we have ‘This Reincarnation’. This track seems to prove my point about the first track. The guitar work here is more on the side of Helmet and Alice In Chains. Maybe some Disturbed influence as well. Blake’s voice sings just as good as the first track here and the melody is incredible. 

For the third track, we have ‘The Darkness’. I love how this track starts off with some gritty vocal effects. That’s the kind of music I really love. I am really seeing an Alice In Chains running theme for influence and I think that’s great as they’re my favorite band. The guitar and drum work here is spot on as well. The drums are very slow and cunning while the guitar is the heaviest yet. This is my favorite track. 

The last track is called ‘Follow Me’. This is paced a bit different than the others and it’s a good change here. I take back what I said about track three being my favorite, once the chorus kicked in for this one, it was my new favorite. Everything here, in my opinion, makes it the best track out of all of these great tracks. 

If you’re looking for lyrics, melody, and sonic inspiration, look no further. I think Blake Red needs an entire playlist dedicated to her just due to how great the music is. I’ve made up my mind about what I will be listening to on repeat for the next few weeks and this is it. This is just one of those bands that come along and make it happen. 

Blake Red will soon be dominant on the radio and they actually are already doing so as they have tons of stations that have them in rotation and I truly do think that we will continue to see this happen as time moves forward.


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