Guns N’ Roses’ Steven Adler Makes Major Announcement


Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler has broken his social media silence, making his first comments to the press or on social media in 2016. Adler has announced that he will perform at the M3 Festival with his solo band, after canceling scheduled appearances over the last couple of months due to back surgery. Adler was rumored to perform as a guest with GNR before his injury, and is still rumored to make guest appearances in the future with GNR.

Adler wrote on Facebook, “Looking forward to see everyone at M3 in a couple weeks!”



At Guns N’ Roses’ recent show in Mexico City, frontman Axl Rose paid tribute to Nirvana by wearing a t-shirt with the band’s iconic smiley face logo. Rose wore Nirvana shirts and hats in the early 90’s at concerts until Kurt Cobain started ripping GNR after Nirvana turned down a tour with them. This led to a feud which culminated in a confrontation between Axl Rose and Kurt Cobain (along with Courtney Love) at the MTV VMA’s.

Dave Grohl recently gave Axl Rose his throne to help him perform live with a broken foot, and Courtney Love attended GNR’s Coachella performance (before allegedly being kicked out of an afterparty for being drunk).




According to Excelsior, one person was killed and nearly thirty others were injured after a bus carrying a group of Guns N’ Roses fans to the band’s concert in Mexico City on Wednesday crashed on the highway connecting Mexico state and Querétaro.

35-year-old Mauricio Ballesteros Zamora died after suffering head trauma and internal injuries, and 29 others were injured, three of them seriously.

It is believed that the bus driver lost control of the vehicle while speeding on wet roadway, causing the bus to overturn.

The injured people were transported to the IMSS hospital in Tepeji del Río de Ocampo.

Guns N’ Roses released the following statement:

We in Guns N’ Roses are shocked and extremely saddened to hear of the horrifying bus crash en route to our Mexico City show yesterday.

Our thoughts and hearts are with the family of Mauricio Ballesteros Zamora. We are so very sorry for your loss.

We hope for a speedy recovery to the 29 other injured fans. God speed.


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