Mark Lanegan Reveals How Josh Homme Joined Seattle Grunge Scene


Mark Lanegan discussed how Josh Homme joined the Screaming Trees during the later days of the Seattle Grunge scene on Marc Maron’s podcast, and how Lanegan himself later came to join Queens of the Stone Age. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“[Josh Homme] lived in Seattle in maybe 1994, 1995, going to college. He had quit Kyuss, great band, fantastic. He was trying to get on the straight and narrow, his brother lived in Seattle, and he was enrolled in the University of Washington.

I had never met him, but I was a fan of Kyuss. The bass player in the Screaming Trees knew Josh from something they had done together, and we were looking to get a second guitar player, and he ended up saying yes he would do it. So he was actually already in the band by the time I met him, they had rehearsed with him him. One day I came in, and he was there.

It was obvious right away that he was way more on the ball than any of us. He was just sort of playing these rhythm guitar parts, but we got along really well.

Eventually, we were both living down here, he asked me to sing on the first Queens record, but I was in long term rehab at that point, I couldn’t get out. One was almost a year.

I couldn’t get out to sing, by the time we made the second record, I did quite a bit of singing on that one. Then the next couple, I’ve actually been on all of them except for the first one.”

Lanegan released a new solo album titled Gargoyle last week.