Guns N’ Roses’ Steven Adler Mocks ‘Asshole’ Rose, Teases Izzy Stradlin Reunion


Original Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler has announced to Billboard that Constantine Maroulis is the new singer of his band Adler’s Appetite.

“Let me just fucking tell you something… this guy Constantine, who I call ‘Casanova’… he came up to New York and I’m like ‘oh my God, I got this great rock and roll singer!'” Adler, 53, begins gushing about a video that Maroulis sent him recently (which appears to be something of a hush-hush project that is not yet ready for public consumption), saying that his new frontman is a legitimate “superstar” that he’s proud to be touring with.

“I’m finally working with a real superstar again,” says Adler.

“I call him ‘Casanova” because he’s so goddamn sexy,” Adler shouts in his signature excited, slightly slurred voice over an incessant beeping on his phone that he can’t figure out how to mute. “Because he dresses so nice. I wish I was his size so I could double my wardrobe! … He flew up to New York and within five minutes I wanted to kick his fuckin’ ass! And within 10 minutes I fell in love with him!”

Adler later adds, “Guns N’ Roses are the biggest rock band in the fuckin’ world now, and since the guys don’t want me to play with them and I love these songs and I’m so proud of them … now I finally have a singer who can compete with the young Axl Rose.” Only Adler, known for his easy laughter and irreverent nature, can’t help interjecting a good-natured dig at his former frontman. “Axl is Axl and Casanova is fuckin’ Casanova. … You do the greatest job at being yourself [to Maroulis]. That’s all I want. Also, his name isn’t ‘asshole’ it’s Axl. It sounds like you’re saying ‘asshole,’ but it’s Axl.”

Plus, he teases, you just never know who might show up at one of the gigs, with Slash and long-lost GN’R guitarist Izzy Stradlin on his wish list. “We put together an incredible band and we want to play shows, be on the Transformers soundtrack, do some big, rock and roll anthem epic shit.”