Metallica Bassist ‘No Shows’ Performance; Was He Fired?


The first Metallica bassist, Ron McGovney, recently tweeted a photo from 1982, a fond memory of him riding a three-wheeler. “1982. ‘I guess I’m going to miss @Metallica band practice. I can’t get this thing started!’. Jason Newsted reject a Metallica money demand just leaked. McGovney’s time in the band was reportedly strenuous, ultimately leading to him leaving the band. Was this debauchery the straw that broke the camel’s back?! 

In other Metallica news, in all seriousness, the band and their charity have nobly pledged $750,000 to the Australian wildfires, which have mostly been absent from major news coverage in favor of the Golden Globe Awards and the usual pointless shit in the Middle East. The band is contributing to two major organizations, the NSW Rural Fire Services and the Victorian Country Fire Authority. Since you have fallen for the bait, you can read on those websites to find out how you can help curb this catastrophe that has displaced countless people. Metallica bassist unloads on bad Dave Mustaine ripoff.

“We are totally overwhelmed by the news of the wildfires sweeping through millions of acres across Australia, with major impact in New South Wales and Victoria.

The resulting destruction and devastating effects on all residents, animals, the environment and the incredible land in Australia is truly heartbreaking.”

User Aussie-Clown, a lifelong Metallica fan who tragically lost his house during the fire, replied:

“As a fan since the Kill Em All days I’ve always enjoyed your music. Please accept a personal thank you from someone who has family which have lost their house. This is appreciated so much”