Hailey Bieber’s Dad Humiliated By Alec Baldwin


The Baldwin family have been publicized since the 1980’s. Sadly, much of their coverage has often been not-so-good. The family is large and expansive. Today, we are learning that Stephen Baldwin begged for a loan to save his New York home from foreclosure.

As per Radar Online, Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin)’s father, actor Stephen Baldwin was determined to keep his Rockland County Home despite financial problems. This put the actor in a precarious position just a few years ago.

Stephen’s money woes stacked up in approximately 2017 as insiders said he “needed $1.1 million to keep from losing his home,” leaving the former 8 Seconds star to turn to his family and famous brother Alec Baldwin for a front on the funds.

A family informant said that Alec was worth $65 million at the time, so a loan “would be no big deal” claiming that Stephen was hopeful but not bailed out in the end.

“Alec won’t give him an answer — he may think Stephen needs to learn a lesson, or maybe they’re still at odds over politics,” the insider shared and speculated.

As for their opposed political views, Stephen was an outspoken Donald Trump supporter, while Alec became widely recognized for his satirical impression of the former president on SNL.