Hercules Star Trashes Pearl Jam: ‘They’re Worth Millions’


CSNews reports that actor Kevin Sorbo, best known for his starring roles in the TV shows “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” and “Andromeda” and more recently the family-friendly films “Let There Be Light” and “God’s Not Dead,” called out Pearl Jam on social media last Thursday, saying on his Twitter page, “Only in America can Pearl Jam enjoy the success they have had.”

“Only in American can Pearl Jam enjoy the success they have had,” wrote Kevin Sorbo in a tweet. “To depict Trump as a Communist….too funny. The Left reps Socialism and Communism. The band is worth millions, …”

The last sentence can be seen in its entirety on the Kevin Sorbo Official Facebook Page:

“… so they can afford to be Socialists! But, they don’t live like one, do they. Private planes, walled houses, etc.”

Kevin Sorbo’s social media posts came after a Pearl Jam concert poster caused a stir for depicting what appears to be a burning White House and a dead President Donald Trump “reaching for a briefcase with the communist hammer and sickle emblem on it, while getting picked at by a bald eagle,” according to GOPUSA.com.