Hip Hop Legend Reveals Why ‘Motherf*cker’ Eddie Vedder ‘Was Out Of His Mind’


B-Real discussed Eddie Vedder in a new Rolling Stone article. “On Lollapalooza, the year that we were playing the side stage, we had friends in Ice Cube who would send us backstage passes and stuff so we can we can fuckin’ go hang out. We met guys from Soundgarden, we met guys from the Chili Peppers, we met guys from Pearl Jam — which was Stone [Gossard] and Jeff [Ament], who happen to be fans of hip-hop music. As … our name was getting pumped up out there, they asked us to play Drop in the Park [in Seattle] with them.

Happy Walters: There must’ve been 15,000 kids. They blew it away. And everyone was super into it.

Sen Dog, MC, Cypress Hill: I remember the crowd got so excited for Cypress that they knocked down the front barricade. A couple hundred, two hundred kids like fell underneath the stage and we had to stop our show four songs in. They tried to fix the stage. But too much damage had been done and they’re like, “You guys are done.” Everybody there wanted to part of that set. ‘Til the fence broke.

Muggs: One thing I specifically remember was Eddie Vedder climbing up the … thing on the stage, and he climbed up from the side, it’s probably about 35 feet up, and then he climbed to the middle. So now he’s in the middle of the stage, hanging, at 35 feet up. And then this motherfucker slid down on the mic cord. I was like, “This motherfucker’s out his fuckin’ mind, yo.”