Van Halen Member Reveals Tragic Death In Video


Twitter user @TheMojoJojo shared a touching story about how Van Halen frontman and host of the podcast The Roth Show, David Lee Roth handled his elderly cattle dog, Russell’s, final hours. Alternative Nation reporter Mike Mazzarone transcribed Roth’s comments. You can also view the tweet below.

Roth: When it’s time to deal with one of your sweethearts, loved ones, your puppies, your dogs, whatever it is, your cats or so forth. You gotta deal with that terrible decision or whatever, here is something that is going to really soften the blow. I’ll give you a little tip – this is as much for us and yourself as it is for the critter, okay? What we did for Russ, he was a cattle dog, fifty-five pounds. Off-road, all over the world dog, this is a big, tough dog. Couldn’t even move, couldn’t even roll himself over. Instead of just tearing your heart out my sister made plans and went to Pie N’ Burger. She got two of the biggest cheeseburgers that they’ve ever made and they’ve made them at breakfast time because they knew it was an order in advance. Got two orders of french fries, enough ketchup to float em’ and two big vanilla milkshakes. No straws because they aren’t for you, they are for the dog.

Roth continues.

Roth: We brought them back and we fed two cheeseburgers to Russ and his eyes rolled back in his head, his toes curled and we said: “oh no baby, you gotta come see about this we are just getting started!”. We gave him milkshakes, we gave him two of them and his eyes rolled back and we disappeared into his glorious memory of love and he fell asleep and went to heaven. I want you to take note because that’s how I want to go, in case I can’t communicate – TWO!