Hole’s Eric Erlandson Makes Heart Garden Dedication: ‘Suicides Do Not Rest In Peace’


Former Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson has made a post on Instagram following Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell’s death. He appears to make reference to Cornell’s death, but does not mention him by name.

“I started this heart garden in my Japanese family’s backyard near Mt. Fuji. And I now dedicate it to anyone who’s suffering from broken hearts or dreams or bodies. Please take care of your heart garden. Water it and it will grow into something beautiful.

Please say no to the Big Pharm, no to the soul drain of capitalism, no to the quick fix escape. Suicides do not Rest In Peace. There is no God above who can bless. Heaven is here but can change to Hell in a moment’s notice in a hotel bathroom. All it takes is one tragic thought. Please take care of your fragile thoughts. I wish the first words out of all our mouths when we meet could be like my mother’s….I love you.”