Eddie Vedder Reveals Truth About Harry Styles


Contrary to earlier reports, Pearl Jam did return to perform in Amsterdam at the Ziggo Dome on Monday after missing multiple shows. Eddie Vedder wore Harry Styles’ jacket at the concert, as seen in a video below.

Setlist and recap via Sea on the PearlJam.com forums:
(band starts the show seated)
01. Nothing As It Seems
02. Off He Goes
(Ed thanks the doctor and the doctor’s assistant that got Ed to place where he could sing today)
03. Footsteps
04. Alright
05. WMA
06. Why Go
07. Even Flow
08. Pilate
09. Corduroy
(Stone thanks a list of friends and expresses love for them)
10. Mankind-(Stone lead vocal)
11. Wishlist
(This is a request. Our most requested song…I am gonna make it out special to David and Ashton, you know who you are..)
12. Hard To Imagine
13. Better Man/Beast Of Burden-(Jagger, Richards) :43 seconds, Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) 2:00 minutes
(Ed talks about seeing a video of people hanging around outside venue yesterday singing songs and how moving that was.)
14. Black Diamond-(Stanley) Kiss cover. Mike McCready sings verse 1 then Matt sings lead vocals with Mike on bg vox
(Jill, Mark, Sonya who lost her husband and best friend. Goes out to Joe Webber)
15. Given To Fly
16. Porch (has a 1 minute intro/improv with Ed strumming and singing I love this life and similar lines)

Encore Break
Ed comes out wearing a very sparkly jacket that he says he borrowed from his friend Harry Styles. Ed speaks passionately about the virus, climate change and other issues that we can’t wait for politicians to solve and we have to solve ourselves. He express appreciation for the crew and has all available crew come on stage and be recognized

17. Do The Evolution
(Ed introduces Josh Klinghoffer with a stream of superlatives)
18. Purple Rain-(Prince) Ed lead vox verse 1 Josh K lead vocals for the rest
19. Alive
20. Indifference
21. Rocking In The Free World-(Young) (Mike brings his kids and some guests kids on stage.)