Hours Of Nirvana Demos Leak Including Alternate Nevermind Without Dave Grohl


The Observer, whose real name is John Purkey, has uploaded for Nirvana cassettes that Kurt Cobain gave him, including early Nirvana demos from the 80’s recorded with Dale Crover, early Bleach recordings, and early Nevermind recordings with Chad Channing on drums. Many of these have been heard before, but not in their raw original form.

He described the Nevermind recordings, “Recorded with Chad produced by Butch Vig. I think it is known as the smart studio demo. Kurt started high speed dubbing at the beginning of pay to play. To can hear a slight glitch when he pressed the high speed button.”

He described the very first tape as well, “This is the first tape Kurt gave to me. Sound quality is not perfect but it’s not too bad. It is listenable. Paper cuts sounds a little warbaly at first and that is exactly how it was when Kurt gave it to me. I got used to it. It slowly becomes clear sounding.”

Listen to the four tapes below!