Taylor Momsen ‘Bends Over’ In Tiny Skirt Photo


Not even one of Taylor Momsen‘s more blurrier photos can stop her from looking sensational. Here she can be seen bending over in this tiny, marvelous skirt while also wearing this wonderful yet modest jacket that shows off that she is just like everybody else. You can view this photo below. Taylor Momsen shows off abs in lingerie photo.

In other news regarding Taylor Momsen, fans recently took to social media to reflect and look back upon the very first season of Taylor Momsen’s beloved show – Gossip Girl, in which she starred as Jenny Humphrey. One fan reviewed: “I am a 50-year-old male, Give or take a year or two 🙂 and I actually Love this show. I Live in the Gold Coast in Chicago on North Lake Shore Drive so I know what it`s like to be around the filthy rich! I am not one of them although I wish I was. Anyhow – they got a lot of this show right in my opinion and picked perfect cast members. Most of The Filthy Rich in Chicago (Not all) are not as Uppity as New York’s rich are but I am sure the people here “Get it” anyhow. I mean I get it and I am not rich by anyone’s definition.” Taylor Momsen ‘dirty’ lingerie photo revealed.

The fan continued: “The writers, characters, the back and forth Banter and basically everything in this show is good. When it’s supposed to be funny it`s very funny. When it’s supposed to be sad it`s exactly that and so on. It also gives us a look into what it`s like to have all that money and be able to do whatever you want whenever you want but also to know that NO amount of money can get you out of certain troubles. That said, My favorite part besides the Characters/Actors is that the show lets you see how “Human” you are whether you are Rich (Chuck) or not (Rufus, Dan and “J”) I think they do a very good job getting emotions out of the actors. I mean let’s face it – a lot of these Actors know exactly what it is like to be rich so they come into this with a general idea anyhow. Well, that’s it. I wanted to give it one star, I thought about giving it four stars but honestly, I had to give it five. I like it that much.” Taylor Momsen caught ‘riding’ surprising man in photo.