Howard Stern Calls Out Mick Jagger Lie After Terrible News


The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger is having heart surgery soon in New York, leading to the Stones postponing their North American ‘No Filter’ tour. Howard Stern said on his show on Monday that he didn’t believe Jagger actually wrote his tweet to fans.

Fansite recapped: Robin read a story about the Rolling Stones who have to delay their tour because of doctor’s orders. Mick is sick so they have to hold off. Howard said the guy is 75 and still going out and rockin’. Robin said Mick has said he’s going to work as hard as he can to get back out there. Howard said they must have a social media company working for them. He said he kind of hates that.

He said they were a lot cooler when you didn’t know anything about them. Howard and Robin talked about how crazy it would be if Mick died before Keith. Howard said that would be something. Robin said he just has to stay home to receive some medical procedure. Howard said Keith smokes like 19 packs of cigarettes a day and he’s fine. Howard said everything hurts on him and he’s not sure how those guys are pulling it off.

Robin read a story about a guy who is in a coma with a skull fracture after being attacked in the parking lot of Dodger stadium. Robin said this happened near the end of a game with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Robin said the man was a Dodgers fan. Robin said they say a lot of fans are being attacked at the stadium. Robin said a fan was shot and killed in 2003. Howard said people are too dangerous. He said he’d never go to a baseball game.