Ghost Singer Makes Heartbreaking Metallica Claim


Ghost frontman Tobias Forge revealed in a new Overdrive interview that he shares an eerie similarity with Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett when it comes to their guitars. He heartbreakingly said though that he no longer has his ‘Kirk Hammett’ guitar.

“My Mom was born in the ’40’s and is very ‘arty.’ She was very much a part of the ’60’s generation. In fact, a little bit of side information for you. My Mom bought my first and my second guitar.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t have that guitar. Ironically, since we’re here with Metallica today, the first guitar that I had was a black Fernandes Strat, just like the one that Kirk (Hammett, Metallica) had on the cover of the original ‘Garage Days’ ’87 release.”

That was my first guitar and I was so proud that I had the same guitar that Kirk Hammett had and here I am today, sitting backstage on tour with Metallica. Talk about full circle in life. It’s mind-blowing for me, it really is.”

The interviewer asked, “I guess there was no hesitation when the Metallica offer came in then?”

Forge responded, “I believe the term used was; “A stone-cold no-brainer‘ [Laughing]. It really felt like it was the right time to do this much more than say, if we were given this tour six or seven years ago.”

In Metallica news, Lars Ulrich uploaded some vintage photos of himself, taking a break from the band’s massive tour with Ghost. He shared a high school graduation photo of himself, along with a photo with his Dad for Father’s Day.