Howard Stern Reacts To Claims That Chris Cornell Didn’t Die By Suicide


Howard Stern discussed late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell on his show this week. He reacted to Chris’ widow Vicky claiming that Ativan played a major role in his death on Good Morning America last week, and discussed his connection to Cornell and the song “Black Hole Sun.” Alternative Nation transcribed the quotes from a recording posting on Jeffgarden.

“I think I have some kind of connection to Chris Cornell from Soundgarden. I’m obsessed with him now that he’s dead.”

“I’m really into listening to his music, I can’t believe that he died. His wife is even saying she doesn’t believe he committed suicide.”

“I was always into Chris Cornell, let’s be honest, but I mean now I’m obsessed. I can’t let go of this guy. I was listening to ‘Black Hole Sun’ the live version that he did, just kind of acoustic live.”

“Listen to this fucking angel. I realized what he was saying, now I understand ‘Black Hole Sun.’ For those of us who live in a dark place and can’t seem to shake it, and I’m including myself in that, the black hole sun, if you have a real black hole inside of you, that is so deep, and black and dark.

So if you live with a black hole, you want the sun of the black hole to shine in and wash away the rain of the pain. You’re looking for the sun that can shine in the black hole!”

“I was on that fucking exercise bike listening to that, and all of a sudden I had a moment with Chris Cornell.”

He mentioned he has also been listening to “Outshined” a lot recently too.

“This guy, he was the darkest.”