Smashing Pumpkins’ D’arcy Opens Up About Being Assaulted By Man


A couple of weeks ago, Chicago radio DJ Mancow posted a photo of original Smashing Pumpkins bassist D’arcy Wretzky where she looked like she had just suffered an injury, with the tasteless caption: “Can you guess who this battered former rockstar is?”

This led to a lot of speculation regarding the story behind the photo (which we will not be publishing), but D’arcy has contacted Alternative Nation to reveal what really happened. She referred to Mancow as ‘Manpig,’ but then took it back because ‘that’s not nice to pigs’ and ‘pigs are really smart.’

She added that the photo was taken after she was assaulted by a former assistant last year.

“The guy worked for me for a few months last year, and he attacked me, he pushed me down. I guess he was proud of himself? So he’s been posting that all over social media. I’ve never seen it online, but I sent him that photo because I took it for the police.”

She added that she knew he was spreading lies about her and the photo. She also shared a beautiful brand new photo of herself makeup free taken within the last week that you can view below.

“It is fuzzy because I didn’t realize the live thing was on – though I really like the slight visual motion. ZERO MAKEUP.”