Howard Stern Thinks Tom Petty Slept With A-List Singer Before Death


Howard Stern said he thinks Tom Petty slept with Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks on his show on Monday. recapped: After the break they played Mountain’s ”For Yasgur’s Farm” as they were coming back. Howard said this is the great Mountain. He asked Fred who was the drummer in Mountain. Fred said he has to look it up. Fred said it’s ND Smart. Howard said he didn’t know that.

Howard said he should take some calls and get into more of something. Howard took a call from a guy who said he loves when Howard talks music. Howard said he’s passionate about it. Robin laughed. She said he’s not passionate. Howard said he’s not wrong. He said he slogged through the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He said the opening with Stevie Nicks was great. He said they honored her and he loves that woman. He said in her prime she was hot. Robin agreed with him on that. Howard said Robin knows even though she doesn’t know hot. He said a lot of guys fucked her he believes. He said she may have been in love with Joe Walsh at one time. Gary gave Howard a list of guys she’s linked with. He said he thinks Tom Petty was on that list too.

Howard said Stevie came out and did a bunch of songs and she is just great. He played some of her doing ”Stand Back” and said she’s great. Howard said Waddy Wachtel plays guitar for her. Fred said he’s linked to her romantically too. Howard said he loves that woman. He said he was thinking this was some Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He said if you go to those events you’d want to hang yourself. He said he went right back to his room after inducting Bon Jovi. He said it’s like 4-5 hours of taping. He said he went first and they made it look like it was last. He said he had to get it over with. He said he loves to get to sleep early. He said Saturday he was up until midnight. He said he had a great time at this birthday party but he was miserable staying up so late. He said he was having a good time until the waiter poured water on his pants. He said he felt like he was sitting in a wet diaper the whole night. He said he had to go home and shower because he had diaper rash.