Rage Against The Machine Make ‘Horrific’ Woodstock Revelation


Dentsu Aegis Network announced that they were canceling this summer’s Woodstock 50th anniversary festival on Monday morning, while Michael Lang disputes this claim and says a ‘legal remedy’ will be sought. Rage Against The Machine performed at Woodstock 1999, and Tom Morello has discussed the rioting that took place after Limp Bizkit’s performance in interview.

Morello told Addicted To Noise, “Woodstock, I thought it was … I was only there for about four or five hours. My impression of it was sort of through the media’s veil. I think that the sexual assaults that occurred were horrific and inexcusable. But, in general, I thought the media coverage was grossly unfair and youth-bashing and tried to vilify an entire generation because of a couple of idiots there. And I thought it was ridiculous how they were saying it was this horribly violent event that was a betrayal of the principles of Woodstock.”

He also discussed burning an American flag at Woodstock 1999 with SPIN, “Well, that’s something that Timmy had planned for that song and we did not know about. The idea of it is certainly one that falls within the framework of Rage Against the Machine’s politics, but the head-numbing, intoxicating smell of the lighter fluid that the flag had been drenched with throughout the entire show was making the band woozy, and we’re like, ‘What’s going on? Did someone open a vat of glue or something?’ In particular, Brad was getting ready to pass out. We didn’t know the source of it until Timmy’s surprise came at the end. No one was more surprised than us. Made for some good photos.”