Howard Stern Drops Foo Fighters Hall of Fame Bombshell


Howard Stern revealed on his show this past week who he he voted for on his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ballot, and he voted for an eclectic group of artists. Stern voted for Foo Fighters, Rage Against The Machine, The Go Go’s, Carol King, and Tina Turner.

Stern and Foo Fighters both have their own stations on SiriusXM, with the Foo Fighters station being a temporary channel.

Red_motorola_krzr_06 posted on the Foos Reddit, “It’s been fantastic. I really hope that the band and SiriusXM decide to make it a permanent channel. It’s going to be a bummer when they take it down in a few weeks…”

Semicharmedwitch added, “What can we do to get them to keep it permanently lol it’s been so great.”

CravegravityArrows wrote, “So far I’ve tagged them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, sent messages on the contact us forms on their website, and possibly spammed them at They responded on Twitter that they would pass on my feedback to the appropriate departments.”

Shethanthegod chimed in, “Honestly, even their like ‘bad’ songs aren’t even like bad or terrible, they’re just not great like some others. Such an amazing band.”

OatmealApocalypse wrote, “I’m listening now and Rami Jaffee literally just came on and said something like, ‘the only problem with this band is that there are so many goddamn great songs. When we play live, we go 3 hours into the catalog, and there’s still so much off the setlist.'”