Howard Stern Drops Heartbreaking Paul McCartney Bombshell


On The Howard Stern Show on Monday, Howard and Robin Quivers said that The Beatles icon Paul McCartney can no longer write hit songs. recapped:After the break they played DJ Seratto’s ”I Got a Feeling” as they were coming back. Howard wondered what happened to this guy. He said he had one hit. Robin said that contemporary artists wear out quickly for the most part. Howard said it’s a good thing they didn’t get into the music business. He said they’d be on Cameo now.

Robin said even the best run out of material. Howard said all of the Beatles had a long run. Robin said they’re not making hits today. She said Paul will collaborate with a new artist and get on the charts but his music isn’t still charting. Howard said Bruce Springsteen must still have hits. Robin told Gary to ask around. Gary said he doesn’t know when he had a hit.

Howard said Ronnie was on the news the other night. He said Charlize Theron had a crew of fans and Paparazzi out on the street and one of the shows was showing a clip of her leaving and he was like an Ancient Kevin Costner. He said she’s very tall and Ronnie is short and he did a cool move. He said Charlize was walking away from her car and Ronnie directed her toward it. He said he’s never put his hands on him and he thinks he wanted to cop a feel of her. He said he did redirect her and he looked like a real bodyguard. He said with the height difference she looked like his bodyguard.

Howard told Ronnie he did a good job with that. He said he just redirected her toward the car. Ronnie came in and said he knows what he’s talking about. He said she didn’t know where to go so he steered her to her car. Fred did his Ronnie Puppet voice and had him talking about touching her ass. Ronnie said he asked her how she wanted to deal with everyone and she just wanted to go right through an into the car so that’s what they did. Howard said he wasn’t fucking around.

Howard asked how the Cher show was the other night. Ronnie said it was good. He said she still has the voice. He said she only did 9 outfit changes though. He said she did 13 in Vegas. Ronnie said she still looks great and she was showing some skin. He said she was pretty winded by the end of the show. He said the place was sold out and there wasn’t an empty seat in the place. He said people want to see her.