Smashing Pumpkins’ D’arcy First Video In 20 Years Released


Former Smashing Pumpkins bassist D’arcy Wretzky has been rehearsing with the doom metal band Grave Next Door recently, and while she is not playing live with the band, she is set to record with them. Grave Next Door have released the first video footage of D’arcy in 20 years since her final Smashing Pumpkins performance in April 1999. The video features D’arcy at a supermarket doing a hilarious Nanny McPhee impression mostly off camera, though she leans in on camera at one point.

In the video, D’arcy says in a British accent, “Have you ever seen Nanny McPhee? It’s like Mary Poppins.”

Grave Next Door told Alternative Nation last month that D’arcy is “recording with us in May and she’s thinking about joining, but she’s busy with her farm and the animals so that’s her first priority.”

They also said, “She’s playing on a few of our studio tracks but also thinking about becoming a full time member.”

This will be the first time D’arcy has been in the studio since she left The Smashing Pumpkins in 1999.

Grave Next Door posted a photo on Twitter on April 8th at D’arcy’s home with part of the “Tonight Tonight” music video set that she has kept for the last 23 years.

Grave Next Door posted, “My brother /guitarist Anthony Salerno at D’arcy’s with a set piece from smashing pumpkins tonight Tonight video. Getting ready to set up and practice with D’arcy.”

They posted the next day on April 9th, “Great practice yesterday with former Smashing Pumpkins bassist D’arcy Wretzky as we prepare to go into the studio in May. She’s an amazing musician! #darcywretzky #schecterguitars #doommetal #sludgemetal #stonermetal #michiganmetalband #smashingpumpkins #grandrapidsband #grandrapidsmetal #vetswhorock.”

Grave Next Door also shared a photo of the basses D’arcy is playing.