Howard Stern Drops Sad Dave Grohl Bombshell


Howard Stern said that it took him nearly two years to discover Foo Fighters’ 2017 hit “The Sky Is A Neighborhood.” He had high praise for Dave Grohl, but said sadly it’s very hard for artists like Foo Fighters to sell records these days. recapped: After the break they played Foo Fighters ”The Sky is a Neighborhood” as they were coming back. Howard came back and asked what he’s listening to. Fred told him what it was. Howard said he just recently got turned on to this song. He said it’s such a good song.

He asked what the odds are for a drummer in Nirvana going on to have so much success. Robin said he can play so many other things and he’s a great writer. Howard said that song came out in 2017. He said the whole music industry has changed and it’s very hard to sell albums.

Dave Grohl also returned to Seattle on Saturday for a surprise performance at Park Place Market with Brandi Carlile.

The short set was streamed live on Carlile’s Facebook page, where videos of the pair performing the Beatles classic “Let It Be” and Foo Fighters’ hit “Times Like These” are available for viewing.

Grohl also recently was spotted in Seattle with fans speculating that it could have been to shoot scenes for his upcoming documentary about his life.