Tool New Album Leak May Have Been Revealed By Surprising Band


Former Tool tour openers 3Teeth may have just revealed that Tool’s new album is completely done, as a member of the band hinted at hearing the new album, and possibly knowing that a single is imminent, in a new Instagram live Q&A. Unless he is trolling like Maynard James Keenan…

brotha_rich_hung posted on the Tool Reddit on

“Lex from 3teeth just did a livestream Q&A on instagram. I asked if he had heard the new Tool album and if there was any word on a single?

He smiled and said “maybe”.

This doesn’t help anybody at all, but I felt it was important to post. Feel free to delete if it’s not.”

nascentia commented, “I’d bet money that he’s heard a good chunk of the album. He’s good friends with Adam and he posted some snippets in the Tool studio on Instagram in the past. He’s keeping his lips zipped about it though.”

Parmersan posted, “I’m sort of banking on them releasing the album in its entirety as Brand New did. No singles, marketing, promotions, etc. Just one day we wake up and it’s on Spotify or people randomly get sent physical copies.

Brand New literally reached number one on the Billboard Top 200 Chart without marketing because of the hype, and mystery, surrounding their next project. Tool has a way bigger following and has been away much longer. This album is going to be gigantic when it releases.”