Kamala Harris Helps Joe Biden After Memory Loss


Last year was filled with “Biden Blunders”. From poor speeches to lost exits from stages, to incoherent ramblings. But when a President is supported by a great Vice President (second in command of the entire United States) you’d think there would never ever be a public relations problem, right? Well, it wouldn’t appear that way as a lot of folks are saying every single day via social media and media outlets in general.

As per recent Twitter threads:

You can clearly see that Kamala – not the Ugandan Giant from WWE fame – certainly has the President’s back when it comes to lending direction here and there. It’s definitely refreshing to see one person assisting another when they need help. You can rest assured that when Biden is packing the words, Kamala can. When Biden mispronounces a word, Kamala will do so in his place.