Howard Stern Leaks ‘Sick’ David Bowie Cover Performance


Howard Stern revealed the last time David Bowie was covered on his show by a sick Dana Carvey on his show on Monday. Michael Jackson’s family recently leaked a creepy David Bowie secret. recapped: Howard asked Sal what his favorite interview of 2019 was. Sal said his interview with Dana Carvey was great. He said he sang some songs as Neil Young and the Church Lady. He said he did the conversations between Paul and John from the Beatles. Howard played a clip of that part of the interview. Howard said that was awesome. He said he went on for a long time with that.

In the clip played, Howard said they had just seen David Spade doing a comedy bit and he remembered the entire act. He said it’s crazy. Dana said it’s the energy with him too. Howard asked if he stopped doing his Neil Young. Dana said he’ll do it. Howard asked where the guitar is. They got him a guitar and Howard asked him to do the impression. Dana picked up the guitar and did his David Bowie. Howard asked if he’s a good singer. Dana said he’s really not.

He said he realized that Church Lady kind of sings like Neil Young. He did that impression and then went into ”Needle and the Damage Done.” Howard asked when he learned to play guitar. Dana said he mostly makes up his own songs. He said he was a drummer. He said he and his brother Scott started their own band.

He said he had drum sticks that he shoplifted. He said he ran into the drummer from the Grateful Dead, Mickey Hart. He said he had shoplifted those sticks and Mickey said he owned a store down there so he handed him a 20. Howard said Dana had bronchitis and he changed his whole impression of Paul McCartney after that. Howard Stern made a big name Gavin Rossdale affair claim a few days ago.