Howard Stern Makes Bizarre Blink-182 Revelation


Howard Stern said that one of Blink-182’s best songs depresses him recently on his show.

A recap states: After the break they played Blink 182 ”Stay Together For the Kids” as they were coming back. Howard talked it up like a WNBC DJ. He said the song depresses him. He said it’s one of his favorite songs. He asked what else they have and if they’re still on tour. He said he thinks they still work. Fred said the have a bunch of hits. Howard had him play ”What’s my Age Again.” Howard said he knows this one. He said he thinks this guy chases UFOs now.

Howard said he asked people to destroy his two old books and just read this new one in the new book.

Howard said he’s worn out from book promotion already. Robin said it’s big. Howard said he has been talking to Robin about how worn out he is from this book. He said he labored over everything. He said the title was one of those things. He said that he wanted something funny. He said everything had to be just right. Robin said he was very adamant about that. Howard said he has to get psyched up to go out and promote it. Robin asked if he feels like he just gave birth to a baby. Howard said he does.