Stone Temple Pilots Guitarist Arrested For DUI


It has come to light via TMZ that Dean DeLeo, guitarist for the rock band Stone Temple Pilots has been accused of getting violent with his wife, Jenn DeLeo, during a dispute that ended with him in handcuffs, and getting booked for felony domestic violence.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Jenn took swift action after she said Dean left the house intoxicated last month, calling cops to let them know he was driving under the influence.

The outlet noted that the “officers soon found the musician, pulling him over and arresting him for DUI.”

It has been noted that while he was in custody, Jenn called the cops again, and alleged they’d been in an argument that escalated to a physical altercation before he left the house.

“We’re told they took a domestic violence report from Jenn, and felt they had enough evidence to book Dean again … this time for felony domestic violence. He was also served an emergency protection order to stay away from Jenn.”

As per the cops, Dean violated that a week and a half later by attempting to contact Jenn. He turned himself in over that violation, and was subsequently released but, in the midst of all that drama, she filed to divorce Dean. She previously filed divorce docs in 2018, when she claimed he was an abusive drunk who made her fear for the lives of herself and their then 6-year-old daughter.

In an update, it was noted that The Ventura County D.A. are rejecting all domestic violence charges against Dean DeLeo and he’s now only facing the DUI charge.