Tool Release Teaser Of New Song That Could Be Next “Forty Six & 2”


Tool guitarist Adam Jones has released a new instrumental clip teaser that fans have compared to the interlude before their classic song “Forty Six & 2.” Jones wrote on Instagram, “Leslie cab + the Gretsch ??”

The Leslie speaker is a combined amplifier and loudspeaker that projects the signal from an electric or electronic instrument and modifies the sound by rotating the loudspeakers. It is most commonly associated with the Hammond organ, though it was later used for the guitar and other instruments. A typical Leslie speaker contains an amplifier, a treble horn and a bass speaker—though specific components depend upon the model. A musician controls the Leslie speaker by either an external switch or pedal that alternates between a slow and fast speed setting, known as “chorale” and “tremolo”

jc_customrods commented on Jones’ post, “Reminds me of the interlude before 46 & 2.”

thaniel55 commented, “Which means he’s recording seques… Def not going to take that on the road..”

not_authentic commented, “dude, I just want to say thanks for being a positive staple to my upbringing. Listening to you guys, studying your message and information you guys teach us is absolutely theraputical! We have the same name and when people say do you play for fool it’s kind of a breath of fresh air that I share the same name with someone who is a complete maestro at his craft. Thanks for contributing to society and thanks for teaching people to wake up.”

Watch the video clip below!

~ Leslie cab + the Gretsch ??

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