Howard Stern Reacts To Disgusting Motley Crue Bombshell


Howard Stern recently discussed Motley Crue and ‘The Dirt’ on his show, and he and Baba Booey discussed a disgusting scene from the film. recapped: After the break Howard came right back and Fred was playing a Rolling Stones song. Howard said he spent a lot of time listening to Lithium on Sirius this weekend. He said he was working out to it in his home gym. He said he doesn’t have a bit of muscle on him. He said he has a soft sculpted tittie now. He said he used to have a chest. He said he’s a mess. Howard asked what song this is. Fred said he’ll look for a different version. Howard told him to forget about it.

Howard took a call from a guy who was calling from Maine. Howard said he wants to go up there to paint. He said he’s heard about people who do that up there. Robin said there was something called a bloom bomb that happened out in the west. She said he should go out there.

The caller asked if he watched the biopic about Motley Crue. Howard said he actually did. He said he mentioned it. He said it’s called The Dirt and it’s good. He said he’s not really into the band but the movie was good. He said he liked it. He said he watched the whole thing all the way through. The caller said he thought it was pretty good too. He said it represented the era pretty well. Robin said she’ll have to check it out. Howard said it’s a fun movie. He said it’s just frivolous.

Howard said Richard loved it too. Gary said there’s some backlash against the movie. He said that’s what it was back then and people are upset with the way they show the sex happening. He said he knew at the beginning that it was going to be great when the woman squirted across the room. He said the guy who plays Tommy Lee was really good. later recapped: Howard asked Def Leppard they were surprised at how many women were throwing themselves at them. Phil said Motley Crue had it better than they did. Howard said he thought Joe had a story about getting a blow job or something. Joe asked what one of those is. Joe said they did long guitar parts and they would have the occasional guest down there during the show. Phil said all of that is a myth.