Howard Stern Reacts To Disturbing Chris Cornell Murder Claim


Howard Stern recently took a call from High Register Sean, who believes in the debunked conspiracy theory that late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell and late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington were murdered. recapped: Howard said Seany believes in dog men. Seany said he had one on the woods behind his house. Robin asked what he took to make him like this. Seany said he’s never had a flu vaccine. Howard said they would know if something like that was in the vaccine. Seany said they would keep it silent. Howard said everyone has a voice on the internet now. Seany said he’s got to be kidding.

Howard asked what the dog men are. Seany said it’s a half breed of men and dog to be a perfect killing machine. Robin asked where they’re using them. Seany said some of them got loose and that’s why they’re in the woods. Howard said the military lost track of them. He asked if any of them are working for the military. Seany said the hybrids have gone out and mated. Howard asked why we haven’t seen any of them. He asked what they look like. Seany said they look like a man with a dog’s head on it. He said their eyes glow orange at night. He said they’re elusive so you can’t see them. Robin said Seany saw one though.

Gary said Seany thinks that Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were killed because they were about to uncover a child [intimacy tapes] ring. Howard asked if he works. Seany said he does. He said he has to pay for his prepper goods with money. Howard asked what he’s prepping for. Seany said he has crates of food and rice. Howard said he’ll just go there and take his food from him if there’s an apocalypse.