Axl Rose Scary AC/DC Dressing Room Leak Revealed


Tom Mayhue is an absolute legend in the world of concert touring, working frequently with Axl Rose, Guns N’ Roses, and AC/DC. Today Tom sits down with with BPI’s Patrick Whalen to unpack some of his career and share the ever popular road stories. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments about Axl Rose being the replacement for Brian Johnson on AC/DC’s 2016 tour.

Host: What’s the one [moment] that sticks out that was that one moment you’ll never forget?

Mayhue: I think probably recently I had one of those moments. It was when Axl (Rose) went in to help out AC/DC and cover twenty-three shows for them. It was the first show that we did over in Lisbon, Portugal. There were about eighty-thousand people there, eleven-hundred press requests and a lot of the press were there to see Axl fail. Axl was more nervous than I’d ever seen him. Just sheer fear. It’s a scary proposition to stand up in front of that many people and sing those songs.

Host: Oh yeah.

Mayhue: And a lot of people wanted to see him fail but I wanted to see him successful.

Host: I think social media at that point was just exploding with ‘what the fuck?!’

Mayhue: ‘What’s gonna happen?’

Host: Why is he in AC/DC, leave him in Guns N’ Roses. You’re right, I think that with the press requests and everything else, the number of people that wanted to see it go the other way far outweighed the number of people that wanted to see it successful.

Mayhue: Yeah, well you know, it was pretty funny because he came out, they did the first song, Rock or Bust and he just absolutely killed it. I was almost in tears just watching the guy because he was doing something that he really, really, enjoyed doing. You really don’t wanna do anything to hurt that brand.

Host: No.

Mayhue: That is just a legendary, legendary brand. So he prepared himself and worked harder for that then I’d ever seen him work for anything that he’d ever want anything in his life. Axl went out there, absolutely crushed it and the press wrote really nice things about it. (In addition) The fans were really elated at seeing it because it was just epic. I mean it was just unbelievable