Howard Stern Reacts To Terrible Foo Fighters Disrespect


Howard Stern is a huge Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl fan, and some of his employees claimed that Grohl no longer wrote hits on a recent episode. Stern defended the legendary Foo Fighters frontman. recapped: Howard said Dave Grohl still has hits. He said the last album they put out had a really good song on it. He said it was like a year ago. Gary said he’s not sure. Howard said he put out a song that’s on his list. He said if you look up Foo Fighters there’s a pretty new song.

Robin said every band has a time when they just don’t make hits anymore. Gary said it’s ”The Sky is a Neighborhood” came out in 2017. Fred played the song. Howard said just listen to this.

Howard said Dave did a good job with that. He said that album came out at number 1 on the Billboard charts. Robin said they’re not decades old. Gary said that Foo Fighters was started in 1995.

He said he was in Nirvana before that so you can go back to the early 90s. Howard said he’s not sure why he even brought this up. Howard said guys love to talk about music. He said even guys who don’t know how to play.