Howard Stern Has Surprising Reaction To Greta Van Fleet


Howard Stern recently discussed Greta Van Fleet on his show. Below is a recap from

Robin said Billy Joel thinks that Elton John is dragging down his legacy. Howard said he has said that on their show. He said Billy feels at some point it’s time for kids to put out music. He said that Billy tells that story about Elton telling him to put out a new song and he told Elton he should put out less. He said he’s not really telling him he’s dragging down his legacy. Robin said that they played the new Robert Plant stuff the other day. Howard said that sounded good. He said there’s a guy in Greta Van Fleet who sounds like Robert Plant. He said they’re good. He played their song ”When the Curtain Falls.” Howard said he digs that. He said he likes those guys and he likes Led Zeppelin. He said the songs are good and they’re young. He said he’d watch them. Robin said Frank Sinatra kept making albums. Howard said that was a goof, right? Robin said they were selling. Robin said painters don’t stop painting so why can’t song writers continue to write. Howard said take it easy, let them do what they want.

Robin read a story about R. Kelly putting out a 19 minute record. Robin said it’s called ”I Admit.” Robin said it’s an answer to the questions people have had about him over the years. Robin said it’s been a long time since someone put out a 19 minute song. Robin said this is cut up and they’ll take it in bits. Robin read about how R. Kelly admits to not being able to read. Robin had Howard play that part. He admits he is dyslexic and the only reason he’s on tour is so he can pay his rent. Howard said he was kind of riveted by the song. Robin said she was too. Robin said he is broke and signed away his publishing and all of that.