Iggy Pop Reveals Sad Truth About Foo Fighters


Iggy Pop may be a huge legend in music from the tonality of it to the act of it, and even in the way he carved out the rockstar attitude in interviews. Iggy said it took a while for him to really understand the Foo Fighters, which you may find pretty surprising as Foo Fighters and Iggy Pop just seem to make sense. To Iggy, though, they didn’t.

In a recent interview with Audacy Check In, Iggy noted how he never “fully” understood the hype surrounding the Dave Grohl-fronted band until he performed alongside them some seven years ago (transcription via Loudwire): “I opened for Foo Fighters in 2015 at Knebworth. And I never really understood fully what they did, and then I stood there on the side stage and listened to that thing and listened to what [Taylor Hawkins] was playing and it was otherworldly.”

Iggy was blown away by what he just saw, and of course, Iggy was not the first to notice how great the band worked together.

He continued: “It was advanced and powerful and relentless, and highly detailed all at the same time.”

It is also now set in stone that Taylor Hawkins will make an appearance on Iggy’s upcoming album “Every Loser”, which many of us are looking forward to as Taylor’s drumming is certainly unmistakable. With Taylor making an appearance on the album, Chad Smith will also be on the record also along with many other amazing professionals who really fit well on the project.

Further describing his impression of Taylor Hawkins, Iggy said: “It’s an unbelievable energy that this guy has. He also played me in a film. He was me in the CBGB’s movie, and a poster was his abs as my abs.”

Special thanks to Ultimate Guitar.