In Defense Of Josh Homme


Alternative Nation has reported on the many criticisms of Josh Homme since the Queens of the Stone Age frontman kicked photographer Chelsea Lauren on Saturday night at the Forum in Los Angeles, and while what Homme did was a total asshole move, out of fairness it is also important to look at the situation from Homme’s point of view and what could have led to what happened.

Many fans in attendance at the show believed that Homme may have been drunk due to his bizarre behavior on stage, in addition to kicking the photographer he also cut himself onstage with a prop and made many bizarre statements. While Homme has not confirmed if he was drinking that night, and made no ‘excuses’ for his behavior in his second apology he filmed, he has admitted to being drunk during live performances and interviews this year.

In an August Rolling Stone interview, Homme was drinking tequila at 11AM, and said he was ‘rambling because I’m still really drunk from last night, still.’

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Homme stated that he was drunk at a Pittsburgh QOTSA show in September.

“Sometimes I feel like a caged animal and I’m trapped,” he said. “The shows are everything for me.”

Many fans noted that Homme appeared to be drunk at a November QOTSA Manchester show on Twitter.

If Homme was indeed drunk in Los Angeles on Saturday, it is still no excuse for his behavior, but it at least can help us understand more why he did what he did, and how he can avoid making mistakes like this in the future. I’ve known people who definitely have a dark side when drinking heavily, so if this is an issue Josh is dealing with (only he, his family, friends, and bandmates know obviously), there are obviously positive steps he can take to help himself.

By accounts from many fans and friends, Homme is a good hearted man who hates seeing his fans get hurt. At a QOTSA show last month at Madison Square Garden in New York, Homme saw a fight in the crowd and stopped it.

“What’s going on? Is this something like a fight?” Homme asked, shaking his head. “We’re not here to fight. If you want to fight, stick your head up your ass and fight for air – and get the fuck out.”

“We’re here to dance, everybody’s going to get laid, and we don’t want security to be all over the place – they’re already really tight here,” he continued. “My point is this: we can show up exactly how we should be, right? So don’t be a dick… we’re not the soundtrack to you fighting, we’re the soundtrack to you fucking. If you don’t like that, get the fuck out.”

We all make mistakes, and if Josh properly makes amends with Chelsea Lauren and can find a way to improve himself and whatever led him to do what he did, may it be alcohol or anger issues, would you be ready to forgive him? Let us know in the comments section.