Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell Reveals Pearl Jam & Chris Cornell’s Ex-Wife’s Special Connection


Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell discussed the Seattle Grunge scene a few weeks ago in an interview. He discussed how Pearl Jam manager Kelly Curtis and former Soundgarden/Alice In Chains manager shared office space in the 90’s, and how it was an epicenter of the town.

“Yeah well, it’s a city, but it’s kind of a big small town. It’s not that big. We all hung out together. Most of us, pretty much, were all out of the same office downtown above the central tavern. We had an office space up there with Kelly Curtis and Susan Silver, who basically managed us all, except for Nirvana.

We’re proud to come from our town and come up with a bunch of talented and great human beings, is who we had in that town, people who I still call my friends and respect immensely as artists.”

He also discussed the next Alice In Chains album.

“Yeah, we’re in the process of working on stuff. Not quite sure when it will come out. When we have a good record, we’ll let you know.”

Watch the full interview below!