Inside Seattle’s Legendary London Bridge Studio


What does Mother Love Bone’s – Apple, Temple of the Dog’s – Temple of the Dog, Candlebox’s – Candlebox, Lucy, Love Stories & Other Musings, Pearl Jam’s – Ten, Blind Melon’s – Blind Melon, Alice in Chains’ – Facelift, Sap and Dirt and Soundergarden’s – Louder Than Love have in common?

Seattle’s London Bridge Studio.

The Shoreline, state of the art space was founded by brothers Rick Parashar and Raj Parashar as a private studio in 1985. In September of 2005, Jonathan Plum and Geoff Ott purchased London Bridge from the Parashar’s with Eric Lilavois becoming the third partner in 2013.

Plum, Ott and Lilavois recently wrote a guest column for Artist Waves, where they took us inside the legendary studio’s deep history:

“All three of us heard album after album, Mother Love Bone, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, asking ourselves, where did all this come from? After scouring the liner notes, it was clear, it wasn’t just coming out of Seattle, it was coming out of London Bridge Studio.

Upon realizing this, both Jonathan and Geoff instantly migrated to London Bridge, and at a young age under Rick Parashar, were able to work on many seminal records by Alice in Chains, Candlebox, Blind Melon and so many others. A little over a decade later, they found themselves owners of the studio and shortly thereafter, Eric walked through the doors as their very first client. After a few years, Eric became their partner and co-protector of London Bridge’s legacy.

The studio was meticulously built, designed by acoustician Geoff Turner, and far ahead of its time in 1984 by using many reclaimed and recycled materials. It was founded on the principle of being a space to support and cultivate talent, and that mantra continues.

The original Yamaha C7 Grand Piano used on Mother Love Bones “Chloe Dancer” is still at the studio and well maintained, and the walls are filled with memorabilia from not just the “heyday,” but also from the many artists that have come through London Bridge since, including Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.”

To read the full feature by London Bridge Owners – Plum, Ott and Lilavois, click here or visit Artist Waves.


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