Insider Finally Reveals If Tom DeLonge Quit Blink-182 Or Was Fired


Douglas Reech, Tom DeLonge’s former Blink-182 guitar tech, has finally revealed the circumstances surrounding Tom DeLonge’s 2015 exit from Blink-182. Many fans have wondered if DeLonge is still legally part of Blink-182, quit the band, or was possibly forced out due to him wanting a break from the band. Douglas Reech is claiming that DeLonge ‘quit’ the band.


DeLonge recently posted a nostalgic photo of Blink-182 with Green Day in 2002, following Matt Skiba and Billie Joe Armstrong complimenting each other’s singles (“Bang Bang” and “Bored to Death”) on Instagram.

DeLonge recently tweeted that he felt ‘less fat.’

He also posted a board listing titles for his upcoming projects: Sekrets and Tom’s Journey. It is unknown if it is for a book or a record. Titles include “Bassman,” “Cattle Mutilations,” “Perpetual War,” “Killed,” and “Lifeform.”

#SekretMachines #AWorkInProgress #BigThingsComing

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