Is Vince Neil Lip Syncing With Motley Crue?


There has been a lot to say recently about the way aging rockers have been memorizing music and the expectations before performing a set, whether it be at a festival, a club, or any other type of environment. Many have been overly critical of ‘The Hottest Band in the Land’ KISS for lip-syncing during their live performances. While recently many have pointed out and been critical of Motley Crue, and in particular leading man Vince Neil of using a teleprompter during one of the group’s most recent shows in St Louis, Missouri. Some fans have speculated about lip syncing, but one big name has said that is not happening.

Several of Neil’s peers would come to his defense including former MTV host Riki Rachtman who hosted the popular heavy metal music video show Headbanger’s Ball back in from 1990 to 1995. On social media via Twitter, Rachtman would give this response in regards to that stadium tour date:

“So Motley Crue used a teleprompter. Really who f***in cares. Did you have fun at the show? That’s what matters. A lot of bands have used teleprompters STOP looking for reasons to criticize. Recorded vocals an artist not caring is bad Teleprompters? Who cares.”

While ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It” singer and frontman of 1980’s hair metal group Twisted Sister, Dee Synder would chime in with the below:

“True that! MOST bands are using teleprompters. Not me, but I didn’t kill a lot of my brain cells with drink and drugs (not a criticism. More of an explanation). STOP being so damn critical and just enjoy seeing the people you love on stage! Now lip-synching is another story!”

In other news regarding Motley Crue, the upcoming horror film featuring Motley Crue bandmate and drummer Tommy Lee finally has a release date. The film titled The Retaliators, will also star Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix and hit theatres on September 14th of this year.