Keanu Reeves Last Message To Eddie Van Halen Leaks


During a new feature with legacy entertainment outlet Rolling Stone, one superfan revealed, documented, and touched on his relationship with late guitar rock icon for the group, Eddie Van Halen. Here, in an email between both Eddie and the fan named Blair once discussed a numerous amount of topics. This particular email correspondence would discuss Eddie Van Halen’s health status and how he seemed to always be in good spirits, how his main priority was to see his son, Wolf Van Halen finish his solo record. That particular record would be released on June 21st, 2021. It was also recently revealed how Eddie Van Halen discussed going overseas for cancer treatment.

Elsewhere in regards to the e-mail correspondence, it was revealed how Eddie Van Halen was asked by the famous film composer Hans Zimmer, known for his scores on such films as The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, Interstellar, Dunkirk, and many others to record the theme son to not only the new Top Gun film but was also asked by Keanu Reeves to collaborate for the popular John Wick film series

The fan would recall that 2015 email: “ o matter how bad things get, though, Ed never seems to lose hope. It’s humbling to see someone so close to the finish line behave like they’re still at the starting gate. A couple of years ago, before cancer came back, he’d told me that his number-one priority was for “Wolf to finish his [solo] record,” adding, “Everything else is secondary!!” I’d shrugged it off. But now here he is, frail, tattered, his scissor-kicking days done — and he’s raring to go.

He tells me, film composer, Hans Zimmer just asked him to do the theme song to Top Gun: Maverick. Keanu Reeves wants him to do something for one of his John Wick films, and his friend, Bryan Adams, wants to collaborate, too.
“For me, this is f***ing exciting times,” Ed texts me on Sept. 22, 2019. “It ain’t the end of anything — it’s a whole new beginning!!”