Izzy Stradlin Reacts To Beautiful Messages From Guns N’ Roses


Izzy Stradlin, who very rarely tweets, has responded to happy birthday messages from prominent figures like his former Guns N’ Roses bandmates Slash and Duff McKagan. Stradlin tweeted, “Thank you everyone!  Happy!  Healthy!  Cheers!”  Axl Rose did not wish Stradlin happy birthday.

Stradlin responded Rose’s claims about why he isn’t involved in the band’s reunion back in September 2016.

Stradlin tweeted, “Bullshit They didn’t want to split the loot equally . Simple as that . Moving right along……..”

Axl Rose told Globo at the time, “Steven [Adler] did join us. At the same time I have no idea, when this started Steven had just had back surgery. So I don’t have any idea about that. With Izzy, it’s something I can’t really describe. I don’t really know what to say about Izzy. You could have a conversation and think it’s one way, then the next day, it’s another way. So I’m not trying to take any shots at Izzy, but his thing is his thing. Whatever that is.”