Jack White Is Selling Meg White’s Property


When it comes to the world of rock ‘n’ roll, few artists have captured the imagination quite like Jack White. Known for his eclectic taste and unbridled creativity, the enigmatic musician has always pushed the boundaries of both sound and style. But it seems that his artistic ventures extend far beyond the realm of music, as evidenced by the recent Third Man Garage Sale, where the eccentric and the unusual took center stage.

In a series of eye-catching posts, Jack White offered fans a glimpse into a treasure trove of bizarre and one-of-a-kind items up for grabs. From the peculiar to the downright surreal, the Third Man Garage Sale was a mecca for collectors of the strange and curious.

Among the most attention-grabbing listings were those featuring “stranger” items, as Jack himself described them. One such item was a possibly radioactive autopsy table. Yes, you read that right. While it’s unclear where such a macabre piece originated, it undoubtedly adds an element of intrigue to any collection.

Jack White stated on Instagram: “Posting here a few of the more, shall we say…stranger…items for sale at the Third Man Garage Sale. From a possibly radioactive autopsy table to Meg White’s culinary school ice cream making machine, the descriptive paragraphs written by TMR’s own Benjamin Blackwell are short and hilariously entertaining TRUE stories for your perusal. Link to the auction in bio. Not much time left! Bid today and add to your world of strange curiosities!”

Who would have thought that culinary school artifacts could become collectible curiosities? But that’s the charm of the Third Man Garage Sale – it takes you on a journey through the offbeat and unexpected.

Adding to the allure of the auction were the witty and humorous descriptions penned by Third Man Records’ Benjamin Blackwell. With a flair for storytelling, he regaled prospective bidders with short, entertaining anecdotes about the items up for grabs. Each tale adding a layer of fascination to the already bizarre array of objects.

For those with an appetite for the peculiar and a penchant for the off-kilter, the Third Man Garage Sale offered a rare opportunity to add some truly extraordinary pieces to their collections. From the eerie to the comical, Jack White’s garage sale had something for everyone seeking to expand their world of curiosities.