Jack White Reveals Painful Prince Rumor


Jack White recently took to his social media account on Thursday night to clarify some previous comments he’d made about his plans to re-edit Prince’s unreleased Camille album.

Jack White clarifies the matter

He referenced an article and shared a screenshot of the publication’s headline, which included the word “re-edit.” He noted it to have a misleading headline.

Here is what he wrote in the caption:

“This headline is misleading and i want to make sure the message is clear, neither I nor third man records, have any intention of “editing” or “remixing” Prince’s music. I was referring to simply putting the songs in the original order that the album “Camille” was in, as those songs have been put out in multiple releases since Camille was first taken off the presses. I would never mess with Prince’s music. Hopefully that clears up any misunderstanding, and this album can see the light of day in its original form. Thank you.” -Jack White III”

Back in March, White, along with his Third Man Records co-founder Ben Blackwell, said they had secured the rights to the shelved 1986 album. Even though all of the songs originally intended for the album were released officially in some form – as B-sides, on other Prince LPs and as part of reissues – Camille has never been released as a fully realized album. No release date has been scheduled yet for the record.

After years of experimenting with electronically shifting his highest vocals into an even higher register (as heard in the 1984 B-side “Erotic City”), Prince went on to create an alter ego devoted to this musical style – perhaps his work with androgyny, gender and sexuality in a career known for pushing boundaries.

Camille was one of several unrealized projects Prince put together in 1986, including the ambitious triple-album Crystal Ball – his first after disbanding the Revolution. That album, which shared some overlap with Camille’s running order, was pared down at Warner Bros.’ behest and released as Sign O’ the Times in the spring of 1987. But Camille almost beat it out of the gate, getting to the test-pressing stage earlier that year.