Led Zeppelin Humiliated At Bar With 90’s Band


Guitarist Luke Morley, singer Danny Bowes and drummer Harry James had re-formed as Thunder and came up with 1990’s now classic debut album Backstreet Symphony. They gained popularity with the song. Morley recently revealed that he was quite fortunate to attend Jimmy Page’s 50th birthday. He went on to lavish on the Led Zeppelin legend.

Luke Morley recalls attending Jimmy Page’s 50th birthday

Morley recently spoke highly of Jimmy Page and recalled attending the huge party. He then revealed Page is a great guitarist but he is lackluster in his display of playing darts[via Lourdersound]:

“Gun to the head, Jimmy Page. Not just as a player but as a sonic architect. Everybody I know is still trying to remake Kashmir – but they never will. I was fortunate enough to go out with him on his fiftieth birthday. We went to this grotty old boozer in Notting Hill. Jimmy’s a great guitar player, but he’s the most shit darts player I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page recently spoke about Unledded and Walking Into Clarksdale, his reunion albums with Led Zeppelin. During a recent interview he was asked if he had any notion that the band might reunite back in 1998.

In a follow-up to this, it is being reported that Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page, in which Page recently broke his silence on a long-awaited reunion album, have also considered making use of a holographic reunion show using avatars and virtual reality, however, because the majority of the Led Zeppelin bandmates could not agree to such an endeavor, the project was abandoned as confirmed by The Guardian.