Jane’s Addiction Fans Rip Dave Navarro Replacement Video


Jane’s Addiction performed in Dallas last night with Troy Van Leeuwen playing guitar in place of Dave Navarro, and fans on AintNoRight.org weren’t thrilled with his performance, yet praised returning bassist Eric Avery. You can view video of the show below.

CaseyContrarian posted, “The energy is there, and it’s because of the rhythm section. It’s really incredible what Eric brings. And the songs are not tuned down a whole step.

It’s SUCH A FUCKING DRAG that Dave isn’t there, and I’m not going to stop feeling that way. Honestly, I expected more / better from Troy, who is a fine player, I suppose, but simply doesn’t have it for this gig. Sigh.”

Esy said, “Perry sounds as good as you could hope. Guitar is a hard no.”

Diabolik wrote, “Phaser on ANR is cool

The entire 2 songs I was nervous — which might be good?

One thing that Jane’s of the last decade was known for was the predictability ? And weirder I’m realizing it may have been Dave’s note for note recreations live.

That Three Says was weird and scary and I kept thinking it was going off the rails but it didn’t?

If Dave was with the band playing I can only imagine how great it would be. Perry sounded great.”

CaseyContrarion added, “Dave most certainly doesn’t play the exact same thing.

One thing I’ll give this that Diabolik mentioned is that is has a certain edge, because you never know if any of the guitar stuff will stick. In my opinion, it doesn’t work all that well. But mostly it’s the missed opportunity yet again to have a functioning JA that sounds good with all the crucial elements in place.

Also, and I truly hate saying this because it makes me feel like an ass, but if something is high level and then it’s gone, but I personally am able to do that thing, it pisses me off even more. Troy’s Three Days solo hurt my soul. But that’s my problem. I’m always happy when people like something. And it’s really special hearing that rhythm section at full tilt. God, I hope Dave gets his shit together soon.”