Jane’s Addiction Lose Member Before Tour?


The former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke recently joined Porno for Pyros on stage on Thursday night, July 7 at the Belasco in Los Angeles, California.

Gilby Clarke performs with Porno for Pyros

Clarke joined Pyros to perform the Jane’s Addiction song “1%” as well as the Porno for Pyros track “Bad Shit”. The concert marked original Porno for Pyros lineup’s first full performance together in more than a quarter-century.

When Porno for Pyros performed at at Florida’s Welcome To Rockville festival in May, regular Porno for Pyros drummer Stephen Perkins was unable to make the band’s first full set since 1998 because he was reportedly suffering from an infection.

Filling in for him was his drum tech Mike Gryciuk. Backing singer Perry Farrell at Welcome To Rockville were Porno for Pyros guitarist Peter DiStefano as well as on-again/off-again bassist Mike Watt. Farrell collaborator Nick Maybury also played guitar. Farrell’s wife Etty Lau and Joie Shettler provided backing vocals. The Los Angeles show featured the original lineup of Farrell, DiStefano, Perkins and bassist Martyn LeNoble.

Porno for Pyros will next play a club gig on July 30 at the Metro in Chicago as part of Lollapalooza’s “Lollapalooza After Dark” series.

Rumors of the band reunion have been on the cards for years now. It was previously planned for Farrell’s Las Vegas show “Kind Heaven” in 2019 before being scrapped due to the pandemic. Formed in 1992, Porno for Pyros released its first self-titled debut album in 1993, which peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200.

Original bassist Martyn LeNoble left the group in 1996, and Watt replaced him from 1996 through 1997. “Good God’s Urge” followed in 1996 before Porno for Pyros broke up in 1998. Prior to the Lolla 2020 livestream, Porno for Pyros’ last performance was at Farrell’s 50th-birthday party in 2009.

Perry Farrell and Jane’s Addiction are set to tour with Smashing Pumpkins this fall, but bassist Chris Chaney has removed Jane’s Addiction from his Instagram bio, leading to speculation he may be out of the band again. Dave Navarro has been facing health issues after having a long haul version of the virus. Some fans are hoping to see original bassist Eric Avery return again after Jane’s have uploaded vintage videos recently on Instagram and tagged Avery.