Jane’s Addiction Officially Replace Longtime Member


Original bassist Eric Avery has officially rejoined Jane’s Addiction per a new video, replacing Chris Chaney. Avery quit the band in March 2010 and ripped Perry Farrell in an interview, leading to Farrell insulting Avery on the 2011 Jane’s Addiction song “End to the Lies.” Farrell also recently reunited the original lineup of Porno for Pyros, meaning both of his bands now are together with their original lineups. Jane’s Addiction’s original lineup will tour with The Smashing Pumpkins in the fall.

“As soon as we finish this [Porno for Pyros] Lolla performance, we’re going back home and I’m going to be recording through August,” Farrell told Spin recently. “And that will be for Porno for Pyros, for Kind Heaven Orchestra and for Jane’s Addiction.”

Farrell told AXS TV last year, “Personally I make music through the week, I have plans to release a track a month. I love the guys in Jane’s Addiction and I want to record with them but I don’t know what their plans are.”

He added, “I’ll talk to them about it… these days it’s a little bit different… We, meaning us older guys that are established now, there’s not really a need to come out with albums. Although maybe one more album before I die, that would be awesome with Jane’s. And I think we could do it too. I would like to be prolific through next five years, then I’ll be able to take a vacation. … I call them up from time to time, ‘I’ve got this track, man’ and they’re not ready.”