U2 Singer Bono Threatened By Police At Party


The official U2 account posted the following snippet from one of the group’s most recent shows during the Joshua Tree World tour. Here the account describes how a late-night party at the Clarence hotel, which was also attended by acclaimed Oasis legend Noel Gallagher went from a predicament that might have needed the cops getting involved to one that was actually fairly civil.  Bono threw down this instrument at sad U2 concert.

It was Clarence’s birthday last week and some new friends came over to celebrate. It was a Sunday night and it got late, and we managed to further strain an already tenuous relationship with our neighbor Andrew. He came over to complain in his PJ’s and got the shock of his life. It went from “I’m calling the cops” to “can I get a photo” real quick. Sorry Andrew, but if the fellas wanna show you demos you gotta turn that shit up. Can confirm that U2 and Noel Gallagher know how to party.

U2 are currently touring ‘The Joshua Tree’ in Australia and they are also playing India for the first time in years, with an extensive media tour to promote the shows, after a year of largely remaining silent after they took a break from touring after Bono lost his voice at a show. U2 recently revealed why Bono ‘blew it’ with Freddie Mercury.