Jane’s Addiction Reconcile With Bassist Eric Avery


Jane’s Addiction singer Perry Farrell has confirmed that he has reconciled with bassist Eric Avery a decade after Avery left the band for a second time. Avery quit Jane’s Addiction in March 2010 after he and Farrell had a falling out over disagreements regarding new music. Farrell also discussed overdosing on drugs.

While this reconciliation doesn’t seem to have resulted in Avery returning to the band to replace Chris Chaney, it is the first time he has been on speaking terms with Farrell in years. Avery reconciled with Dave Navarro a few years ago. In 2010, Avery ripped Farrell in a lengthy interview with Xiola.org, leading to Farrell insulting Avery in the lyrics to the 2011 Jane’s Addiction song “End to the Lies” which featured lines like ‘you were the foreskin, I was the real head.’

Farrell also revealed that Jane’s Addiction are working on new music, set for release in 2021, but that they won’t release their new music as albums.

Farrell told Uncut Magazine, “I don’t see albums. I just see working on music song to song, with different collaborators. Would I work with the Porno [for Pyro] guys again? In a heartbeat. Same goes with Jane’s.

We’re all friends, even Eric [Avery]. I know people think Eric and I don’t like each other but I recently reached out to Eric and we talked about art and music and family. So yeah, I’m almost friends with everybody again.”

Farrell told Classic Rock about new Jane’s material, “We’ve got so much Jane’s material in the can. We’ll be releasing a couple of tracks, maybe writing some new ones. Not this year, ’cause we’re getting late in the year. But I can tell you in the next month or so I’m gonna be finishing up a couple of Jane’s Addiction tracks.” Jane’s Addiction’s last album was 2011’s The Great Escape Artist. The band’s last new song was 2013’s “Another Soulmate.”